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Chairperson's Message

Dear Members,

It is with great enthusiasm that I begin my message with positive news. I am delighted to announce that our chapter has been conferred with the Best Chapter Award for the year 2022-2023. This prestigious recognition was presented by CMA Ashwinkumar G. Dalwadi, President of our Institute, in the presence of Central Council Members, Managing Committee Colleagues, and representatives from other chapters.

Taking another positive note, I am pleased to announce the exceptional achievements of our students of   December 2023 Batch (covered under 2022 & 2016 syllabus) examinations. A total of 11 CMA Inter students and 5 CMA Final students of 2022 syllabus, along with 9 CMA Inter students and 2 CMA Final students of 2016 syllabus, secured ranks below 50, showcasing their dedication and proficiency.

In our ongoing commitment to support our members' professional development, we have diligently organized numerous programs aimed at facilitating the attainment of Continuing Education Programme (CEP) hour- targets. During month of April, our focus is directed towards enhancing student services, a vital aspect of our Chapter’s mission. We remain steadfast in our dedication, devoting significant hours for monitoring chapter activities and for addressing administrative problems in a constructive way.

Despite our efforts to elicit magnitude of member engagement, the response to our inquiry regarding feedback on our CIRCUIT magazine has been disappointingly low. To overcome this aspect, we intend to   circulate Google form once more. I again urge you all members for sparing few moments to provide your feedback.

Our students attended the "SIDDHI 2024" seminar at Hosur, organised by Industries' Association. They are engaged into insightful discussions on industry preparedness for welcoming Academic / Professional participation, benefiting from networking opportunities with ICMAI chapters from Southern India. On an overall level, it is seen that the event fostered professional growth and collaboration.

 I am grateful to our esteemed special guests, as they have been enriching our professional endeavors with their continuous presence. To add more on this let me also thank our esteemed speakers for sharing their invaluable versatile in-depth knowledge content at our programs/ seminars.

 March has been a month of celebration. It is a month of acknowledgment of achievements marked by the commemoration of our Chapter's formation day and of course International Women's Day. It brings me great joy as we recognize and honour our senior members for their invaluable contributions towards continuation of our great Chapter's legacy. I missed this occasion under unavoidable circumstances.

Moving forward- our pre-placement program for December 2023 graduates is a big success underscoring our commitment to nurture talent from our profession for future.

 As we fondly recall the great services of Dr. B. R. Ambedkar to the nation, I also extend my warm greetings to one& all on the auspicious occasions of Ugadi, Ramzan, and Srirama Navami.

 I would like to conclude this message on a note of optimism drawing your attention to the remarkable development trajectory of our nation, India. According to shri Amitabh Kant, India's G20 Sherpa and former NITI Aayog CEO, our nation is poised to surpass developed countries Japan and Germany, to become third-largest economy and stock market at global level within the next five years. Shri Kant emphasized India's robust growth, citing a consistent growth rate @ 8.3% plus expansion over the last three quarters. This marks our nation as a resilient powerhouse on the global stage.

Together, let us continue to uphold the values of professional excellence and camaraderie that define our professional community.

Warm Regards,
CMA Hima Vidya Sanagavarapu
The Institute of Cost Accountants of India-Hyderabad Chapter
1-2-56/44A, Street No.5
Himayatnagar, Hyderabad - 29

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